August 7, 2018


We are now concluding our final house sit for the season located in SW France. The past week we experienced a European heat wave. Temperatures reached 97F and most of the country has no air conditioning. The nights do cool off and the worst is over, at least for a few weeks. We arrived in France last January when there were no leaves on the trees, we enjoyed spring and summer with green pastures and trees in full bloom. Now the leaves of draught non-resistant trees are falling off. It seems we have gone full circle so its about time to fly home.

The current journal entry of our blog (see link) highlights popular France tourist destinations and some lesser known destinations. Thank you for allowing us to share our experiences.

In the weeks ahead we are happy to host more friends and family here in France, Germany, Czechoslovakia and Holland. We will also stop in Berlin to visit an ol sailing friend from our past lives.
We have much to look forward to in Europe and excited about returning to the States to see grand kids and family. We are expecting another grandson (grandson #2, grandchild #6) soon after our arrival.

Take care!
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